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  • Milk & Cookies for SickKids

    After finishing up most of my Christmas shopping on Black Friday, it was time to change gears and get into the spirit of what the holidays are really about. Spending time with family, friends and giving back to those who may be less fortunate.
  • Ketchup on Steak?

    Whole leaf tea, also referred to as long leaf or full leaf, is tea made from traditional orthodox methods resulting in intact, loose leaf speciality tea. Due to the fact that the leaves are intact, they retain their flavour compounds, such as tannins and essential oils, that give tea its flavour.
  • Ween That Caffeine!

    I recently completed a fat loss program which included a session on hydration. We all know that water is the best form of hydration for your body and I wanted to share some of the content provided regarding tea.
  • Welcome!

    We are honoured to be a part of your artisanal whole leaf tea journey! Check in monthly to get the latest tips and tricks to help Canadians simplify and enjoy their loose leaf tea to the fullest!