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Our curated collection of tea is 100% orthodox whole leaf tea from India. With the orthodox method of processing tea leaves, the whole leaf tea has more nutritional potency, complex layers of flavour and provides for an authentic experience vs. the CTC method of processing. CTC is an acronym for crush-tear-curl, a mechanical process that transforms the tea leaves into a granular form. Typically, you will find lower quality grades of CTC tea in flat tea-bags, referred to as fannings or dust, which are mass produced for wider audiences to consume. That said, there are good qualities of CTC tea but difficult to visually recognize after they have gone through the crush, tear and curl process.

Orthodox tea is more expensive than CTC tea due to the manual labour required in processing the leaves, premium quality that results from a ratio of two leaves to one bud and overall scarcity of orthodox whole leaf vs. CTC. With multiple layers of flavours found in orthodox tea, milk and sugar are not required. By weaning off milk and sugar, you can enjoy the pure flavours of the tea and it adds to the already inherent healthy properties of tea.

Our mission is to source the most flavourful, aromatic and beautiful single estate tea and tea blends for Canadians to enjoy, while maintaining relationships, based on trust and respect, with the artisan farmers in India who are at the heart of our teas! As enthusiasts and purveyors of tea, we will continue to educate the Canadian market on the benefits and joys of drinking tea. After all, it is the second most consumed beverage in the world next to water.

"The best tea is the the one you will drink a lot of." - Kevin Gascoyne, Expert Tea Taster, Camellia Sinensis

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