Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is CAMILA? 
A: Our brand CAMILA is a play on the name of the plant that tea comes from, Camellia Sinensis. We source our tea from small-batch producers in Darjeeling and Assam, India.

Q: What is artisanal whole leaf tea?
A: Artisan tea is made from orthodox or traditional methods which have been followed for decades. Whole leaf tea made from these age-old techniques result in amazing and unique layers of flavour so you can enjoy our tea without the need for additives such as milk and sweeteners.

Q: What if I'm craving for some milk and sweetener in my tea?
A: To enjoy the pure and complex flavours from our teas, we do not recommend adding flavour enhancers. Eliminating additives such as milk and sweeteners also adds to the already inherent health benefits of drinking tea. That said, if you are craving a rich latte-style tea, our Masala Chai and Creamy Early Grey blends do mix well with milk and natural sweeteners.

Q: Do you really have direct relationships with the farmers who produce your teas?
A: Yes! We partner with small tea grower cooperative's who educate and enable farmers to process tea leaves to a further state, which results in increased profits and improved livelihoods for the farmers and their families. The footage from the video on our website was taken at the estates where our teas are produced.

Q: If your artisanal tea is pure, where does the all the flavour come from?
A: It blows our mind also! The layers of flavour start from the soil the Camellia Sinensis plant grows in through to the age-old techniques in which the leaves are handled. The traditional methods of cultivation and processing produce these unique floral, fruity, sweet, nutty, earthy and vegetal flavours.

Q: What do I get in a tea collection box?
A: Before we get to what's inside the box, we wanted to let you know that we spent a lot of time and effort in designing a beautiful tea box for our customers to enjoy. The elegant packaging also makes for a unique gift idea! Inside you will find 4 pouches, each containing approximately 10-18 grams of tea, which makes for 24-28 cups in total depending on the types of tea in the collection. You can also steep the pure artisanal teas twice for additional cups.

Q: How much are your shipping fees?
A: We offer flat-rate shipping for $10.95 and Free Shipping on orders over $40 within Canada. We ship with Canada Post and it usually takes 2-7 days depending on your proximity to our shipping location in Mississauga, Ontario.